Star Wars: In Harm's Way

11/08/2015 Session Notes

Team Mission: Take the Whisper Base
Lasurius’s Mission: Convert the signet intelligence of this base to a rebel listening post.

Galmar – Human Spy
Adali – Human Ace Gunner
Toby – Droid Engineer/Saboteur Slicer
Lasurius – T Scientist
Andromeda – Human Commander
Zeeph – Ithorian Diplomat Ambassador (to be introduced next session)

Session Notes:

  • 2 human sentries engaged, we took them down. 1 battle droid disabled and contained him.
  • Map that indicates that the hangar bay we entered from is at the northside of the base.
  • Exploration of hallways, we find computer in Officer’s Quarters. Toby slices computer to ascertain layout of base.
  • We find location of: Shuttle bay, Communications Office, Communications Room.
  • In slicing process, Toby trips an alarm.
  • Lockdown ensues.
  • 9 stormtroopers come out of the far left corridor.
  • Encounter begins.
  • During the fight, we also uncover a light armory room.
  • We take heavy fire, but dispatch the storm troopers with light blaster fire and a grenade. Victorious!
  • Once in Communications Room, Lasurius starts to uncover probe and take over listening post.
  • Next we need to take control of launching pad, to prevent Lt. Sarev and other officers’ escape.
  • Having commandeered storms trooper uniforms, we make our way to the launching pad.
  • Through coercion, Andromeda convinces the guards that we are conducting a security sweep of the launching pad.
  • We are granted easy access and board Lt. Sarev’s ship named the Nilos.
  • Which allows Toby to successful disable the Nilos.
  • We jammed the doors behind us as we leave the launch pad.
  • Ending in the Officer’s Quarters, while Lasaurius is still working in the Communications Room on the signet conversion.
  • End of session.


Vwls Ravenswrath

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