Star Wars: In Harm's Way

Beyond the Rim: Part 3

The crew began their day with an exploration of the Command section of Sa Nalaor. The ship had sustained tremendous damage to the inner hull which made traversal a slow and dangerous affair. Pru investigated a cave that the ship opened into only to be attacked by a trio of fearsome Cyber Nexu. These predatory cat-like creatures had been modified to be more deadly and were fixed with a sensor beacon which kept them confined within the wrecked ship.


On the bridge of the wrecked vessel a holocommunicator was found that showed the final moments of the Sa Nalaor’s crash landing. From their high perch the crew could see a trio of beasts approaching their ship far below. Each of the massive reptiles towed two small canoes and had a riders upon their backs. The crew returned to their ship to investigate this mystery and met long-stranded Captain Harsol.


The Captain was suspicious of the new arrivals but relaxed when greeted by IT-3. In the past the droid apparently had belonged to Harsol and was broadcasting a tracking beacon upon finding the crash site. Harsol and his team responded to the beacon and offered the crew a safe place to rest and a chance to learn more of what had happened since the Sa Nalaor crashed.

The survivor camp seemed to consist of about 30 to 40 people. The site itself was well defended with a 3 meter wall built out of scavenged materials from the Sa Nalaor. Oddly, the guards upon the wall carried long barreled hunting blasters which would not have been standard equipment on a Separatist Ship. The crews first meeting with the survivors did not go well. Jaxx and Pru would not speak publicly about what they knew and Roarrowr and Mala chose to watch quietly more-or-less. An awkward situation quickly became an aggressive one as the survivors called for these new visitors to either; be killed as the others had, or find a way to get the survivors off planet and back to civilization. A shot of blaster fire into air cowed the rabble as Harsol again took command. Mala then chose to speak up and explain what she knew of the happenings outside the Chol system.

The brilliant technician Cratala wanted to have a private meeting with the crew the following morning. From what little they learned from her she was scared of returning to the Republic (now the Empire) as she would be branded a traitor and probably put to death. It was plain to see that she felt the situation on Cholganna was deteriorating and something had to change soon or the survivors might turn on each other.


The subject of treasure was brought up and casually dismissed by Harsol. Any treasure in the hold of the Sa Nalaor was below the water line and not easily gathered. The survivors had never even bothered as they couldn’t use the credits on planet anyways. From what long range scouts had been able to determine though, the Imperial forces had begun an excavation process of the crash site.


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