Star Wars: In Harm's Way

Buried Alive

Doctor Humble's Log

Today marks the first day of a new month, six to be exact… at least I think it’s been six months? We’ve been in this god forsaken ship wreck for far too long now, the days are beginning to blend together. I have no one to talk to but Pru but he isn’t much of a conversationalist so coming up with new ways to keep myself entertained is getting harder and harder. Pru agreed to teach me a few things or two about field combat and weapon training so he isn’t all that bad. It’s honestly the only thing keeping me sane aboard the Bleeding Sparrow and I have come to look forward to our little training sessions. I’m surprised at how much I am learning from him, to be perfectly honest, I never imagined myself learning how to effectively shoot a firearm. Now I can’t wait to learn more and find the mechanics behind them fascinating.
Pru doesn’t have to talk to me as long as he continues to be useful, besides, I have Jaxx now. She has been my go to lately when I need someone to talk to. She is still “alive” but I was forced to induce her into a comatose state after she lost both her legs in our last encounter 6 months ago. She doesn’t speak back to me, hell, I don’t know if she can even hear me, but I have to believe she does or else I will lose to the insanity of it all. She keeps me going. I check her vitals everyday and her health finally stabilized about a month ago. We had a few scares thinking she wasn’t going to make it at times but she somehow found the strength to pull through every time. If she can fight this long in the condition she is in then I owe it to her to stay alive myself and make sure we all get out of this situation in one piece.
The food rations are low, the fuel is all but depleted, and drinking water is dangerously low as well. Pru and I have considerably lost weight and it is blatantly obvious that we are in the beginning stages of malnourishment. I have come up with a plan though that just might work. We have the materials and tools to make sun panels. I just need to figure out how to connect them to the generator. It’s times like this I wish Jaxx was conscious and well, she would know how to easily repair the Bleeding Sparrow. Pru and I have tried our best at fixing the necessary things on the ship to just keep us alive but our experience in space ship mechanics/technology is minimal. The whole situation has been miserable to say the least.
What are we going to do? I keep asking myself and have no answer. Why do I keep going on? What’s the point of it all? It would be so much easier to just… I constantly catch myself speaking nonsense. I am losing it. I have to keep myself occupied or this POS ship will be my grave…. I wonder how Jaxx is doing? I have to tell her about this roach I killed earlier in the …… blah, blah, blah…….
To be continued.


I like it Manny, good job. Accept your 5 xp for a job well done.

Buried Alive

Does Jaxx get 5 xp for being there for him? Good job Manny, your ed-du-ma-cation is paying off. :P

Buried Alive

Manny do good?

Buried Alive
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