Star Wars: In Harm's Way

Humble's Revelation

Adventure into the wilds

We began our day by delving into the nearby wrecked ship site but not before I checked everyone’s status with my scanner of course. One can never be to careful, especially when so far away from civilization and advanced medical technology. Last thing we need is someone to come down with a fever or sickness which is a definite possibility in this inhospitable environment. We slowly descended into the decrepit ship and exercised extreme caution due to the deteriorating conditions of the long abandoned Sa Nalaor, or so we thought it was long abandoned. We quickly realized that we were not alone and once again we were fighting for our lives. I thought we had the advantage since we were on higher ground and thought it wise to analyze the situation before acting. I crouched near the edge of the platform to get a better view of the situation. I noticed immediately that these Nexu had some cybernetic modifications done to them but why? As I studied one of the Nexu from my perch, the one with a vicious looking metal tail, I unknowingly caught the attention of another one but this one with long metal claws that seemed to have electricity arcing off of them! It caught me off guard and before I knew it the ferocious feline jumped to a height I thought physically impossible and struck me before I could react. My mind whirled and my body ached and tensed as high voltage electricity jolted through me from head to toe. My painful spasms felt like they would never end but in reality they only lasted several seconds. I quickly recovered to only retreat behind Roarroar since we were now on the defensive. I had to maintain my cool for the sake of the crew and for the most part maintained my composure under pressure. My medical instincts took over and my sense of urgency kicked in as I realized Roarroar was on his last leg trying to defend against two of the killing felines. I ran over to him and administered some quick first aid but the relief was quick lived when one of the Nexu struck him down. It was then I realized I was the Nexu’s next target and would probably end up lunch meat for these horrific cats. I remember feeling the same sensation I felt the first time I was attacked and then darkness. I awoke to Jaxx treating me and a splitting headache. I thanked her for helping me and then proceeded to take over and do my job. Once stabilized, we all made our way further into the ship and ended up in the control room. We found a hologram only by chance and to our surprise it still functioned. It was a recording of the Sa Nalaor main crew and their last moments onboard prior to crashing. The droid recognized at least two of the people on the recorded hologram and revealed to us that they were the captain and tech expert we were looking for. Now we had a lead and proceeded to make our departure off the Sa Nalaor. Not soon after we exited though we were tracked down by what looked to me like a band of indigenous humanoids native to this area. They rode on the backs of very large creatures I had never seen before and they moved through the forest and water alike with ease even though they were the size of a transport vessel. We were taken away to their village and it was there we received some much needed help and answers. The village chief was none other than Harsol himself, Captain of the long wrecked ship Sa Nalaor. He looked worse for wear as did most of the people in the village did but I was relieved to be out of the jungle, at least for the moment. We later found out the droid, IT-3 was Harsol’s from way back when and had remained loyal to him all this time. It was the droid that notified Harsol of our whereabouts and lead them to us for capture. I truly do dislike droids, can’t tell the emotional state of one since they have none, emotions that is. Many say they don’t like my species because we are impossible to read but we at least have emotions, we just don’t show it. I reminded myself at that point to always remain vigilant when dealing with droids. My stress soon escalated though as the group of thirty or so people began to scream for answers from us and their “leader”. It seemed to me Harsol was barely keeping this tribe together with a single thread and that thread was on the verge of snapping. Both Pru and Jaxx were adamant about not spilling any information to any outsiders and that seemed to only make the situation worse for us. The people were literally about to start a riot and began to cause an uproar with shouts and threats aimed at us and the captain. I did what I felt was right and with the help of Mala we were able to diffuse the situation by telling everyone a bit about us and why we were there. The crowd settled down a bit after that and I felt a wash of relief as I realized we just dodged a bullet. Harsol assured us we would talk more later and introduced us to Cratala, the so called brilliant technician that had valuable intel. She too had survived the crash and told us she was the one who had modified the Nexu we fought earlier. My ears perked up at that since cybernetic technology intrigued me yet I hadn’t had much experience tinkering with them. Those electrified claws were vicious yet sparked my curiosity and I made it a point to have a future chat with Cratala. Maybe we could learn a thing or two from one another that could benefit us both. I retired to my quarters and laid on my sorry excuse for a bed to tired to care that it was merely some hay strewn out on the dirt floor. I thanked the stars for still being alive and fell into dreams of happier times.


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