Star Wars: In Harm's Way

Humble's thoughts continued

No Time to Catch my Breath 2

Oh my, Where do I begin? I normally take a 30 minute break at least once a day to reflect on my thoughts and write in my journal… ohh, how I long for the peace and solitude of my lounging chaise back in my old colony. Alas, this is the path I have chosen and cannot regret my decisions of the past. It will affect my focus and I cannot have that if I hope to be of any use as a doctor to my crew. It seems to me that lately my crew have been a bit reckless and tend to act before thinking it through. It usually proves to be a painful mistake for them but at least my skills have proven to be vital if not essential. Don’t get me wrong, I am happy to help any who require my assistance, especially those close to me, but all I’m saying is if we can avoid danger, why not? As a trained and educated professional I prefer to take my time and critical think and analyze a situation before executing a plan. For example, our newest recruit, the Wookie Roarroar in my opinion is the epitome of all brawn but no brains. He almost not only killed himself but the Twilek Malla as well by jumping into unknown treacherous waters. His intentions were in the right place but his logic, not so much. Luckily he managed to cling onto some hanging debris before falling to his and Mallas death. It is not always a situation of sink or swim, at times it can be work smarter not harder. That is exactly what I did and used the broken ladder to our advantage by fashioning it into a bridge for a considerably safer passing. I’m just glad Roarroar and Malla lived to tell the tale another day. Speaking of Malla, poor girl suffered a critical injury to her right leg by being dropped from a tree by a dreadful and large land based octopus. The creature was horrid and got away, probably plotting it’s next move to capture and devour us as it’s next meal. Anyways, Malla sustained an open fracture on the right outer Tibia, approximately 6 in. above the tarsals. I administered pain meds immediately before resetting the bone back into place. I was able to stop the bleeding without too much trouble and disinfected the wound thoroughly, more so than normal due to our environment. A little synth skin to repair the skin damage and then a simple dressing and bandage to protect the healing process. I splinted the leg with spray splint from my medical bag above the patella joint and below the tarsals joint for extra immobilization of the leg in order to prevent further injury. I’ll see about someone fashioning a crutch for Malla so she can temporarily support her weight on it until her leg completely heals. Pru was able to find a clear plot of jungle to land our ship but the task proved to be very difficult and the Bleeding Sparrow sustained some damage to the hull before landing. The landing was at least conveniently close to our next objective of searching the lost treasure ship. We were very fortunate to find it since it was mysteriously camouflaged with a make shift tarp and foliage but by who? I presume a long lost survivor of this wreckage has somehow managed to beat the odds and survive in this inhospitable environment. It’s in my hopes that my crew can see my point of view if we find this survivor and instead use diplomacy instead of muscle or intimidation tactics to come to an overall solution. This survivor may hold clues and secrets to accomplishing our main objective that much easier. He or she may be in dire need of medical attention! My skills may once again prove to be very useful in exchange for information. I of course will treat anyone in need regardless of circumstances but why not use it as a bargaining chip as well? I just hope this survivor is reasonable for their sake when it comes to my crew. I’d hate to think what would happen if they were hostile against my crew and I. We just finished camouflaging the Bleeding Sparrow with some of the camouflage we found on the wreckage near by out of fear of the enemy patrol closing in and finding us and worse, catching us off guard. We are obviously taking shifts to watch guard as a precaution in case things go south. Before calling it a night I check everyone’s vitals with my medical scanner and annotate their status in my records. Jaxx seems to be recovering well from her grave injury to her arm. Her right arm had been crushed to near amputation on one of our last missions and I was able to successfully operate with the help of a medical surgery chair. I have made it a point to check on her arm periodically to ensure it is healing well without any issues. I also catalog my medical supplies and note my disinfectant is a bit low due to the fact that I used it to kill a swarm of insects that were attacking us. My prowess with medicine surprises me still and I find new uses for my tools and skills all the time. Yawn! I need to get some rest now if I want to be functional for tomorrows adventure. When is …. my shif…. to watch gau….. snore, snore. SW_escape_pod_in_jungle.jpg


In case it wasn’t mentioned or wasn’t seen, the Sparrow has 10 emergency medpacs, 1 medical kit, and 10 liters of bacta onboard. Be sure and add that to your catalog. I’m guessing the bacta could prove beneficial to Mala, even in the short term.

Humble's thoughts continued
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