Star Wars: In Harm's Way


Well shit...

Is it worth my time to ramble on about the shit we’ve been through this month? Frack if I know what to expect next. Something about cats and nine lives…I’m well past nine lives, and none the better off for it. I’m sure there is a ticker somewhere it just racking up my debt, each extra day costing me my soul.

Now don’t get me started about my soul. I don’t believe I’m headed anywhere special after this life anyhow, or any which way I play it. So no, I don’t feel bad about how things went down at Cholganna. Plain and simple of it was there was no good way out of there alive. So don’t give me any grief over it and don’t bother going on the high road. The odds were stacked, we played it out and frackin’ counted our lucky stars each passing moment

Oh you want a rundown? Well short of it is, we were thrown on a prison moon,…grumpy old men, wookie riffraff, prison riot, prison breaks, star destroyers, frackin’ Major D again, new TIE prototypes, stolen tech, oh just a few space skirmishes, experimental flight tests, Reoom you bastard, public fire fights, let’s add a few warrants and bounties why not, blinding asteroid cloud, malaria infested jungle and its filthy bugs and creepy crawlies, nasty nexxu, hungry arboreal octupi, long lost Imperial trash, backstabbing droids, survivor camp full of paranoid rabble, tracked by the Empire..again, oh did I mention the cyborgnetically enhanced nexxu?. Yeah that all happened.

How many stormtroopers lay behind us? Frack if I care. I ain’t their mother.
How many speeders, transports, ships did we steal or trespass on? Just enough to stay alive I’d say.

This last leg, we miraculously escaped Cholganna with just enough to make ends meet and fulfill certain obligations. Yeah we turned on Captain Harshal, but only a second before he could pull one over on us. We heard those stormtroopers tracking their way, they were bound to find the camp. Those Sa ‘Nalaor freaks were going to string us up. So we had to move quickly on a plan that allowed for escape and us getting out with something of value. Else to what end would it have all been for? if we were getting out alive, we still needed currency otherwise we just be floating in space. That ain’t living.

As I was saying, the escape meant orchestrating a fire fight between the Imperials and the Sa ‘Nalaor survivors, creating enough distraction in the camp and around the camp, to allow for us to sneak out. With Kortalla and Reyna. AND whatever was of value that Harshal had stashed in his safe. Oh yeah, and damned if I was going to leave IT-3 and have to owe one to Reoom…again. He wouldn’t believe a story from me about the droid’s misplaced allegiance. Yeah, we thought about those nexxu too.

So there you have it, one frackin’ convoluted plan. But with where we were sitting, that plan just sounded golden. Admittedly, what choice did we have? I would have taken my chances and slipped out in the dead of the night if some plan wasn’t hatched that day. Maybe it was the jungle rot, but I wasn’t hanging around to see if there was any other season on Cholganna but stank hot.

How’d we fair? Well let’s start with the Imperial scout bikes and probe droids encroaching the camp. Panic ensues. Pru takes his shot at Harshal. No going back now, this was happening. I pop a shot at Harshal as well. Next thing, I’m blast thrown and my ears are ringing, it is all a fog. I know and see enough to pick up IT-3’s head, tuck in under my arm, I see that Humble is by my side pulling me towards the camp perimeter. I glance back and see enough to know that Harshal ain’t going anywhere, no piece of him. Pru must have made his mark, because last I hear is Pru calling it in and making his exit. Son of a bitch probably saved my life, Harshal and I were practically in close combat. I could only hope to take him out with me. That grenade blast saved me from making that suicidal bum rush. Still, my head hurt and all I could think to do was curse out Pru for leaving. But Humble was there, damn that softie, got me cleared through the camp. And Kortalla and Reyna too. We hear comlink cackle from Mala. Mala and Rawroar were successful, they got the drop on those battle droids, loaded themselves down with valuables. All heading a few klicks out to the meet up with Varrum and the Bleeding Sparrow. Few moments later, Kortalla and Humble are jumped by nexxu. I was barely there, my head still ringing from the blast, but somehow we took out the nexxu. Only a moment later, hearing a blast in the distance. Mala and Rawroar found a little side action after running into that imperial transport. Sounded like they got their hands on a rocket launcher. However it went down, they handled it. We get to the Bleeding Sparrow. Varrum lets us know that there is a sighting of another ship entering orbit, we don’t know more than that. With some finagling I get us enough power to get the Bleeding Sparrow off Cholganna. It takes us days to recover and agree to what is next. Finally with clearer heads, we agree to take Kortalla and Reyna to Major D. We decide that 10K of the 50K of valued ore and the data wiped IT-3’s head will go to Reoom. Enough to appease Reoom at least. We did end up with something of else value that Mala smuggled out from Harshal’s tent. This could prove to be an important card we play later. For now, my lips are sealed. I know nothing.

Let’s just get this heap somewhere to refuel, restock and maybe put a deposit down on our funeral costs.

Rexus Prime is where we will meet with Reoom and deal with that particularly sticky situation. Lucky us.


Vwls Ravenswrath

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