Star Wars: In Harm's Way

No going back

Doctor Humble's Log

We have to get out of here. We will die if we don’t. Pru and I have come up with a plan that might work but the real question is do I sacrifice the few to save the many? I have been pondering this since Pru suggested the plan a few days ago. I can’t think straight as the idea eats away at my morals and ethics to their core. I know if we don’t follow through with this plan we will most likely die but some may argue that a crew must go down together. As the old saying goes, “all for one and one for all”, right? Others may argue that Jaxx is already dead so using her to save Pru and I is a logical and reasonable choice. I know the facts and I know we should execute our plan of making Jaxx a cerebral brain cortex for the Bleeding Sparrow but I can’t help but feel that this plan of ours is wrong.

Pru and I have been arguing back and forth about it day in and day out. He has no qualms about the idea at all and if he could perform the procedure himself he would have a long time ago but he knows he can’t without killing Jaxx, and that would ruin any chance of getting out of this hell. He needs me. I sometimes think it’s the only thing keeping me alive since Pru probably would have killed me a long time ago based on the fact that he finds me “annoying”. He has already pointed a gun at me and threated to kill me if I don’t configure Jaxx to the ship. I know them to be empty threats, at least for now. I keep coming up with excuses as to why the plan is wrong and why it wouldn’t work but I know deep down inside it would work. The plan will be executed eventually, the excuses are just delaying the inevitable.

Today will go down in history as one of the worst emotionally distraught days I have ever experienced in my life. My turmoil is clearly visible but I am out of excuses and instincts are beginning to take over. It is now the point of no return, we either start preparations now or we die if we wait any longer. Before I tell Pru of my decision I decide that having one last heart felt chat with Jaxx is an order. I sit beside her and plead with her to tell me what to do… my energy sensitivity feels nothing. After a few moments of silence I accept the fact that Jaxx is gone. I close my eyes and send a telepathic message to Jaxx through my head cones knowing she won’t get it but it puts me at peace. I calm and prepare myself to tell Pru of my decision to go through with the plan.

As I turn away from Jaxx and begin to head towards the bridge Pru is there. I suppose he was there the whole time, watching my last moments with Jaxx from the shadows. He stares into my eyes with deep concern as if trying to read my thoughts and says, “Are you ready?” I reply, “Yes, lets be done with it.” Pru pats me on the shoulder as a sign of sympathy and makes for the bridge. I then hear my com link click on as Pru interrupts my concerns of deep thought. “I’m beginning preparations for the Bleeding Sparrow’s computer matrix reboot, I need you to start the preparations in the engineering bay.” I comply and let Pru know about 30 minutes later I am done. The easy part is over, now it is time for the hard part to begin. I go to the medical lab to prepare Jaxx and what I am now labeling as the “bird cage”, Jaxx’s new home and tomb aboard the Bleeding Sparrow.

Pru and I have discussed the terms of this situation and we have agreed to never speak of this to anyone. The “bird cage” will be hidden aboard the Bleeding Sparrow and will be our dirty little secret for as long as we live. The Bleeding Sparrow can now back up it’s name as it now has some truth behind it. It will forever be the Bleeding Sparrow.

To be continued…


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