Star Wars: In Harm's Way

Wrong Place, Wrong Time

Reason for Adventure: Pru Background

The blaster shot was deafening as it echoed throughout the silent square. Pru was positioned perfectly, his target lined up for the shot. A small breath and then easy exhale to steady the rifle; the slow deliberate squeeze of the trigger, then chaos! Pru’s target immediately dropped to the ground behind the fountain in the middle of the square as did several civilians; the rest either stood frozen in shock or ran hunched over with arms covering their heads as if it would protect them. The target was a wealthy, yet greedy CEO of an up and coming engineering corporation. Apparently he had made a few too many enemies on his way to the top, as is often the case with those who find themselves in elevated positions. He was a family man, a wife and small child, though he spent most of his time at the office or off planet on business. However, on the second day of each week since Pru accepted the job over a month ago, the man would come to this square and sit on the western facing bench near the fountain.

Everything had been easy, too easy but Pru was not going to complain. Often enough, those who make it to the top believe themselves to be untouchable, at least until that split second before a slug, blaster bolt or shiv deliberately separates them from this world. Today was his moment to face whatever destiny awaited him on the other side. This was before the shot, before the chaos. Pru was so focused on his target that he did not see where the other shot came from and the echoes did little to help discern its origin. While the shot was certainly a surprise, it was nowhere near as surprising as the identity of the mark. How did Pru not notice her during his surveillance of the square? Tunnel vision in his profession was not something to make a habit of and while it did not cost him his life it did cause him to overlook the presence of an Imperial Government official, a well-respected and high ranking one at that.

It wasn’t long after the incident; actually it was less than two days, that authorities had a rather crude drawing of Pru on the HoloNet in connection with the apparent assassination. They claimed that evidence had been recovered and that several civilians had come forward to provide eye-witness accounts of the events and the shooter. Rather odd considering that Pru never fired a shot, and was more than certain that he had left no evidence behind. As is the case with certain high profile assassinations, a frame job was in the works, but why use Pru and why eliminate this official? Sadly, there was no time to hang around and find out, at least not until things cooled off. Luckily, Pru’s bounty had paid half up front which provided a nice cushion of creds that would make due for a while. Getting off planet would be a hassle but it was nothing new and once off planet he could make a jump to The Wheel and hunker down for a while without worrying about Imperial Intelligence tracking him down. Pru didn’t think that would happen anyway, since he was obviously just a pawn in a much larger game, but it was always best to be more safe than sorry.


Vwls Ascetic

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