Twi'lek Pilot


Age: 18
Skin Color: Purple
Eye Color: Green
Height: 5’11
Hair: None
Gender: Female
Specialization: Scoundrel
Career: Smuggler


During the reign of the Galatic Empire, the Twi’lek resistance was destroyed and Ryloth (the Twi’leks home planet) fell to the Empire. Due to the chaos, my mother attempted to make a deal with a well known Twi’lek crime lord named “Uncle” Vanya. She begged him to use one of his hired smugglers to help me escape the planet t safety. That’s how I met Dash Rendar. Vanya gave me to him for safe keeping and Rendar ended up raising me from that point. I learned that Dash was a well known human smuggler and freelancer. He was a former Imperial navy member who found himself exiled after his ship was tinkered with and he crashed into an Imperial Museum. Palpatine blamed him and ruined his family’s business, thus leading to his grudge against the Empire. After being exiled, he began to do freelance work for the Rebels, especially since it made him more credits. Eventually that work led him to Ryloth and to me. Dash is who taught me everything I know about piloting, smuggling, and firing a blaster. Sadly, a few years later, Dash and the Outrider (his ship) were hired to join in on a rescue mission to save Princess Leia from the Black Sun. During this battle his ship was destroyed and he was assumed dead. But I can’t believe that’s it, he can’t die that way. He was the best pilot I knew and he wouldn’t die so simply. I’ve made it my mission in life to either find him alive or find real evidence that he’s dead.


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