Star Wars: In Harm's Way

Beyond the Rim: Part 2
Break a leg!

The crew outgunned the Yiyar clan and outran Wheelsec for a relatively clean escape. Humble proved to have a knack for Astrogation and was able to jump the Bleeding Sparrow straight to Cholganna in a paltry 55 hours. If the Yiyar followed they’d have to take the long way along the trade routes which would add nearly a full day in hyperspace.

Cholganna spent two thirds of its rotation inside of a nebula. This played havoc with the Sparrow’s sensor array and nearly led the ship into a disastrous collision with some meteorites. After recalibrating the sensors a sweep was performed and the zone of potential impact for the Sa Nalaor was limited to 75 kilometers. Putting down the Sparrow proved touch so an away team was dropped off and Pru and Varrem would maintain low orbital observation.

The away team located an escape pod partially submerged in a brackish lake. It had become a nest for a swarm of stinging insects which proved problematic, but not nearly as much as the Arboreal Octopus that attempted to hoist Mala into the tree tops. The octopus was driven off with blaster fire but in its hurry to flee it dropped Mala hard – breaking her leg. The memory core from the pod gave hints to the location of the main ship, which apparently was not evacuated upon crash landing, and the crew set out.

Up above in orbit Pru and Varrem were surprised when a Lambda class shuttle came out of hyperspace nearly on top of them, apparently having tracked the Sparrow by use of a cleverly placed homing beacon. The Sparrow evaded the shuttle in the Nebula and were able to destroy the beacon by using the onboard exo-suit. The empire could not directly track them now, but they too had found Cholganna and the supposed crashsite of the Sa Nalaor. The ground team only had a 6 hour head start on exploration!


The ground team found the engine section of the Sa Nalaor wedged in a narrow canyon and spied signs of life – a handmade boat pulled on shore near the wreckage. They were able to pass through the wreckage and down the far side of a waterfall in safety until they found the next section of the ship. This compartment had been covered in a crude camouflage net and had a large enough clearing to land the Sparrow. With the ship providing safety the crew decided it’d be a good time to rest and renew their search of the wreckage in the morning.


Beyond the Rim: Part 1
Wheelin' & Dealin'

With the Bleeding Sparrow again under their control – the crew set their coordinates and made the jump to the Wheel. The cosmopolitan station was one of the corporate homes of Isotech and current haunt of the CEO Reom, a twi’lek rake who inherited the company from his father. Reom was very interested in the probe the crew had recovered and drafted up a salvage contract with the crew before using his fathers decryption algorithms to uncover what hidden knowledge was contained within. Apparently, the Sa Nalaor had taken fire and jumped towards Cholganna before going dark. It was the best lead in decades for the location of the lost treasure ship. Reom, not fully trusting his contracted salvage crew requested his droid, IT3, travel with them as his eyes and ears. He then requested his sister, Shira, expedite the droid’s delivery to the Wheel.

After their meeting it was noted a member of the Yiyar family – rodian salvagers who had run afoul of Jaxx in the past – were also interested in the Sa Nalaor.


Rumors about a new clue to the ships location were circulating and drawing the wrong type of attention. The crew used the services of an Information Broker to learn more about the threats to their mission before deciding to wait for the droids delivery aboard the Sparrow.

Reom contacted the crew and explained he had been blasted by one of the Yiyar trying to get information on the Sa Nalaor. The Yiyar knew the droid was being delivered and were attempting to obtain it and whatever information it had. The crew rushed to catch the would-be droid thieves and opened fire on the rodians on the loading bay recovering the droid. An innocent woman was killed in the crossfire and WheelSec attempted the arrest of Pru who fled back to the Sparrow. As they crew left the Wheel they knew they were in trouble as a public bounty notification for their comrade Pru chirped in over the HoloNet.

In Search of the Sa Nalaor
Are we ready?


The Pru Perspective # 4

Man ole man what a crazy time it has been. When Tyber and I agreed it would be in the best interest of the Consortium that I freelance for a bit, I certainly didn’t think this would be the path I’d follow, but then again the sages always said the future is always a bit muddied. EIther way, the shananigans of late have put into perspective that if I continue to run around with this disfunctional group I am certain to attract more attention to myself than I need. Speaking of which, after yesterday’s escapades I am pretty sure I will likely have another bounty on my head in due time. As if the Empire wanting me wasn’t enough, now I can’t even walk freely on The Wheel, a basic safehaven from the Empire. Sure, an innocent bystander was killed during the shootout with the Rodian’s, but that is the nature of things when there is chaos. Running around or near folks who are shooting or being shot at just isn’t the most intelligent thing in the world, so I guess with their death I improved the overall intelligence level of the galaxy by a fraction. The Wheel Security Force didn’t exactly see things that way, or at least that is the way it seemed to me, but I didn’t hang around to find out.

Besides the fact that I will have to completely hide my face if I care to return, or see if Tyber has a way of smoothing things over with the current Wheel administrator, the day was fairly fruitful. I managed to acquire some things for the Sparrow and re-aquire the things that were taken from me while locked up, like this new nifty datapad. This bad boy has all the bells and whistles, unlike my old one. Seriously, tech becomes outdated the moment it hits the market it seems. I’m not sure why the rest others didn’t take a little time to resupply, but to each their own I guess. Hopefully this droid we scooped up from one of Jaxx’s contacts will be helpful and while the thousand creds are handy I was sure expecting more. I guess those two are as good of friends as Jaxx thought and if this deal goes south or we run into more trouble that friendship could be severed, especially after the Rodian’s plugged him in the gut. But hey, such is the life of those who deal in intel and secrets.

Anyway, I’m glad to have gotten off The Wheel and it works out that Mala wasn’t injured too bad. I’m sure the medical supplies Humble and I gathered will be enough to patch her up enough to take the controls. I just hope she is more careful with the Sparrow than she was with that TIE. Damn shame to lose that kind of tech, but nothing to be done about that now. Until she’s well enough to take the controls I’ll be holding it down and if we run into trouble I’ll just have to pray the others can shoot straight. Well, guess it is high-time I begin plotting this jump and maybe this time the Sparrow won’t get snatched out of hyperspace by yet another Interdictor Cruiser. With the way things have gone as of late, I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if we did.

- Pru Plund out

Dead or Alive? He has to be alive, he has to be.

During the reign of the Galactic Empire, the Twi’lek Resistance was destoryed and Ryloth (my home planet) fell to the Empire. Due to the chaos, my mother attempted to smuggle me off te planet for my safety. She made a deal with a well known Twi’lek crime lord “Uncle” Vanya to use one of his hired smugglers to care for me. That is how I met Dash Rendar. A well known human smuggler and free lancer. A former Imperial Navy member, who was exiled by Palpatine, when his ship was tinkered with and he crashed into an Imperial musuem. This caused him to have a grudge against the Empire. After this, he then began to do hired jobs through the Republic for more credits. Vanya gave me to him at a young age and I learned everything I know about piloting, blaster shooting, and smuggling from him. However, years after him and I joined up, him and ship, the Outrider, were hired to join in a rescue mission to save Princess Leia from the Black Sun. During the battle, his ship was destroyed and he was assumed dead. But I can’t believe that he’s really dead. He was too good of a pilot to like that. My mission in life is to find him or finally real proof he’s dead.

- Mala

A Wookie's Journey to Redemption

On the planet of Kashyyk, in a small village which since has grown into the capital city now known as Rwookrrorro, I lived as the second in command of guarding and protecting Prince Rikummee. Over me was my leader Tarfful. I was young but among the greatest warriors in my tribe. During the Clone Wars though I was tested and failed to keep my promise I vowed as a royal guard. During the droid attacks sent by the CIS and the Trandoshans, my prince was killed and my commanding leader Tarfful was captured by the Trandoshans. I was the only one to survive the attack, and the king (Grakchawwaa) however was furious of his son’s death and blamed me for the failure. After being marked and exiled to the Shadowland, I was captured and enslaved a few days later after escaping the deathtrap forest to the coast. While being transported the only thing I could think of was, what if Tarfful was here. Since then I have planned to find him and rescue him and take my place where I was, happy as a royal guard.

- Rorrwar

Stalitz Escape: Part 2

The crew of the Bleeding Sparrow and Major Dernigan hatched a plan; They would drop the Imperial Star Destroyer out of hyperspace, activate a beacon to summon rebel forces for an ambush, and hijack the new prototype TIE fighters to deliver to rebel intelligence analysts. First, they would need a mechanic with the know-how to enact the plan.

Dernigan had boarded the Star Destroyer with a trained mechanic but he was captured during the mission. Breaking him out of the brig proved costly as Jaxx took a vicious blaster shot to her arm, crippling her. The Bothan was still able to slice the ship systems and release the prisoners, ALL of the prisoners before collapsing in pain from her wounds. Humble was unable to operate without his medical kit so the crew moved her to the medbay, captured it, and then performed the necessary emergency surgery successfully.

They then split into two teams. Dernigan, Pru, Varrum, and the now freed mechanic would take the primary hyperdrive controls. The rest would capture the back-up hyperdrive and disable it if possible. The primary hyperdrive controls had to be captured violently but due to the smooth lies of Mala (and a helpful holo-disguise controller) they were able to disable the back-up without problem or alert.

As the Star Destroyer fell out of hyperspace the crew rushed to the launch bays and commandeered a number of prototype fighters. Then, escaping the ship joined in the battle between imperial and rebel forces. Even untrained in their flight controls the prototype fighters proved too much for the standard imperial TIE’s in a one-on-one fight. Mala had to bail on her ship though when it had taken too much damage and engines had gone critical. Weightless and in pure silence she waited in her zero-g suit for a tow to the medical frigate Adegan Sunrise.

The crew were celebrated as heroes by the rebel forces and paid their fee (and then some) for their troubles. Additionally, the Bleeding Sparrow was returned with a few added upgrades courtesy of the rebel alliance. They were offered a chance to join the rebellion against the empire but passed for time being, though they did gain a contact through Major Dernigan. They then boarded the Bleeding Sparrow and headed out – towards the Wheel and possibly the lost treasures of the Sa Naloar.

Stalitz Escape: Part 1

The hand-off with the Adegan Sunrise was interrupted by the arrival of Imperial Star Destroyer.


The huge vessel released scores of turbo laser bolts and immediately trapped the Bendu’s Shadow in its powerful tractor beam. Aboard the shadow Humble had overpowered Chief Engineer Harroch. Pru had no time or patience for hostages though and put a blaster bolt through the imperials head despite the protests of the doctor.

A defense was set up against the incoming boarding party but the Storm Troopers overpowered the small crew of would-be pirates and disabled them with stun rounds. During a moment of clarity the crew of the Sparrow met an imperial doctor who administered drugs to keep them asleep for the long flight to their destination, wherever that may be.

They again regained consciousness aboard a shuttle en-route to an asteroid based prison. Stalitz, as it was called, was supposed to be impossible to escape as it had only 1 shuttle bay under guard by turbolasers and was otherwise inhospitable. The prisoners were left to their own devices mostly, mining or sleeping. They ingratiated themselves with the “Old Man” who seemed to know the dealings of the prison. He explained the dangers of attempting escape since only laser blasts or the void of space awaited anyone who would be so foolish.

Jaxx was able to sneak her way into the security office and set up a bug in the system to reboot the grid at a predetermined time the next day. The plan was to use the moment of time to rush to the shuttle bay and attempt to fly free of the prison. When the moment came though the crew panicked and found themselves instead rushing into the mines. The field that protected the miners was apparently down yet the air was not being vented into space as they had expected. Not trusting their eyes they braved a leap into the cold blackness of oblivion and instead found themselves falling through a holo-field into a lake below.

The entire prison was a ruse. The trickery had kept the prisoners from escaping as they thought they would only die in the void of space. Instead the escapees swam into a submerged pipe and followed it to an outpost nearby. There they confiscated a heavy blaster and three swoop bikes and fled north towards an airbase marked on the maps Jaxx had sliced from the system.

They had picked up a new passenger, a Wookie from the prison who had followed them this far. He aided in their escape and helped them commandeer a dropship from a small crew of Storm Troopers. The ship lacked a hyperdrive and they had little choice but allow it to dock with a waiting Star Destroyer above.

Once aboard the imperial warship they quickly killed an officer and attempted to slice the ships systems. They were recognized by a man in imperial uniform who happened to be Major Dernigan in an undercover operation for the Rebellion. He explained that the Empire was building and testing a new form of TIE fighter equipped with both a hyperdrive as well as a shield generator.


He was attempting to get the intel on this fighter and now, by stroke of luck, he had allies in the mission. He promised the crew a bonus as well as a return to their ship, The Bleeding Sparrow, which was still in rebel hands and being refitted for war.

Bendu's Shadow: Part 2

With the Captain dead the crew of the Sparrow investigated the rest of the brig. The only other prisoner was a malnourished purple skinned Twi’lek smuggler arrested for spice-trafficking. Beggers couldn’t be choosers so they took her along and handed her a hold-out pistol to defend herself.


On deck 3 of the Bendu’s Shadow there was a short shootout with some droids on high alert. The crew made their way to the Sensors/Comms center to reset the IFF when Marruuk and Pru were tasked with hiding the scrapped droid’s that were blasted earlier. On the way the duo were ambushed by the rogue RA-7 who downed Marruuk before driving a vibro blade into his throat, killing him. The droid had suffered the loss of one of his arms and fled before Pru could finish him off, moving up the turbolifts to Deck 4.

The crew reorganized themselves and gave chase. Deck 4 was a slaughterhouse! The escape pods had been disabled and the droid cut down or blasted the imperials as they tried to flee. One man had survived though with only a blaster shot to his gut. With quick medical attention he was stabilized and introduced himself as Chief Engineer Harroch. He clearly didn’t trust the crew but needed their help to get the hyperdrives working so he agreed to work with them.

The rogue droid was cornered in the AI core of the Corellian transport and was gunned down with little fanfare. He last words were that he had uploaded his sentience into the ship wide systems. Unconcerned with his statement the crew went about reactivating the hyperdrive and jumping to the rendevous point with the Adegan Sunrise. But not before Chief Engineer Harroch was able to get a coded transmission out to the Empire forces about the hijacking.

Humble's thoughts
No time to catch my breath, Part 1

My goodness!, where do I begin. The last few weeks have been very eventful to say the least. Why, just a few weeks ago I was safely in my medical lab aboard the Bleeding Sparrow reading some fascinating new research on the development of stem cells and cloning when I was rudely interrupted by my crew to go on another goose chase in space…. and look where it got us! Ohhh, how I long for a soothing bacta bath massage, but alas, I’m afraid I will not be able to enjoy some of those finer pleasures in life unless we can get out of our current dilemma in one piece. I have been through more than I could bare in the past few weeks. It all started out with us coming to an agreement with the Rebels. The deal was for us to try and hijack an Imperial Corvette by impersonating TAI fighter pilots in exchange for credits and the repair of our ship. We all landed some what successfully in the hanger of the Corvette and we even managed to find the captain of the ship, but our success did not last for very long when a droid flashed by and fired a shot in the chest of the captain. He was instantly killed and the droid who shot him got away. We would later encounter him again and eventually defeat him, but not before enduring heavy losses. Unfortunately, Marruuk succumbed to his wounds by the droid but I think I did him some justice by laying him to rest in a somewhat dignified way. We all suffered some injuries that I had to patch up on the go. It never fails though, I am able to resuscitate a dying victim to a stable condition, and one of my colleagues ends up killing him. In this case it was an imperial engineer who happened to survive his onslaught with the troublesome droid. He had sustained moderate internal bleeding through out his torso region and required immediate medical assistance. I was able to stop the bleeding with some bacta fluid and repair the damaged skin with some synth skin enough for him to be stabilized and communicate with us. It was all for naught though, when Pru shot him in the head at point blank range with a blaster rifle. I swear, my crew only think of themselves most times and throw all morals out the window when it is convenient for them… don’t they know I am a doctor and follow a very strict code of ethics?! I hope I can talk some sense into them very soon because I am afraid of the path we are all headed down and it does not look promising at all.

To be continued…..


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