Star Wars: In Harm's Way

The Pru Perspective # 2

The inside of this TIE fighter is certainly not something I am enjoying. The blasted thing is designed for those folks who apparently care little for their lives, with it having no shields and all. Sure they’re fast and make cool noises when they fly around, but they just aren’t for me. No shields, no thanks. Yet here I am, logging my little journal while sitting inside this vessel of death pretending to be a stranded Imperial. Who’s idea was this again? Admittedly, I believe I may have been a bit hasty in my decision to sign on for this gig, but after being pulled out of hyperspace by that damned Interdictor cruiser and having our hyperdrive damaged, we didn’t have much choice. Especially with… Oh man, let me just explain how I got here.

We are cruising along in hyperspace, Varum and I had just woken a few minutes earlier and hopped in the cockpit, when Bam! We are snatched out of hyperspace into this full-bore battle between the Rebels and Imperials. Obviously, given my past with the Empire, and that nasty little bounty they placed on my head, I was all for helping that Alliance medical frigate out of their current jam. I wish I could say that we swung the tide of battle, but honestly our vessel isn’t designed for those types of space skirmishes, but we were able to clear the way for that final bomb run, and took a couple of those TIE down in the process. In the end it worked out for us. The Rebels offered to help us repair the damage done to our hyperdrive by the TIE fighters, as well as plug those wonderful holes that Humble decided to drill into the hull in his attempts at repair. That fella is an aight medic, but next time I think we’ll keep him strapped in his seat or restrict him to doing exactly what Jaxx tells him to do. We were lucky those holes didn’t open up into a much larger problem, but I guess all is well that ends well.

Back to the Rebels. As with everything, assistance is often followed by a “simple” favor, which was the case here. The boss on their boat, Major… umm.. I’ll just call him Major D… Oh wait.. You know what, I’m just gonna leave that in there. Maybe someone besides me will see the humor in that. Anyway, this fella needs a little help hijacking this CR90 Corvette that they hope to utilize in their fleet. Supposedly he’s got an inside man droid that is suppose to be our contact once we get on board. Things are often not as simple as they sound, but we need some help getting the Bleeding Sparrow going again. So, the Major has this grand plan to stuff us into some salvaged TIE’s and leave us sitting around in open space for this ship to drop in on. The guy has a way with words I guess because we jumped on the opportunity, though we had to leave the Twi’lek and Wookie with the Rebels. I’m pretty sure the lady and the beast wouldn’t come close to passing for Imperials, even with the flight suits on.

So, here we sit, uncomfortable as can be inside these cramped cockpits.. Well some of us, the damn Bothan appears to be right at home, while I’m struggling to hold off a bout of claustrophobia that I never knew I had. I’m pretty sure its not that, and has more to do with the fact I’m floating in open space in a small bubble with NO SHIELDS.. At least this log has helped me pass the time……. Perfect! The ship is here and its time to roll. Hopefully Varum comes through with that half-fabricated story and they… Yep, there’s the tractor beam. Almost time to shine…

One last thing. If those damn Rebels think I’m on their side after this then they are mistaken. I have no love for these Imperial bastards, and will do what I can to help out from time to time, but I’m no errand boy…… Ah, looks like these tinnies have some friends that came a little late to the party. A couple Z-95’s…….

- SYSTEM_MESSAGE: Pru Perspective Log # 2 “Auto-saved”


Mission Log Notes:

Kark, the red nikto gave us an encrytped data core, supposedly from the Sananor, fabled treasure ship. The Sananor was known to be a separatist ship last departing with lots of credits and high quality biotech on board, before being lost.

Kark intercepted an Empire away team that landed on his planet in search of Sananor artifacts.

We know that if this core can be encrypted, we have to take it to Isotech on the Wheel.

Good time to make sure of those Wheel connections to schedule a meet with Recom, CEO of Isotech, as I am sure knowledge of this magnitude will grant us an audience.


Doctor's Notes
Mission 2

I have decided to record a personal log for multiple reasons but primarily for professional research. The following documentation inscribes general characteristics and personal opinions I have witnessed first hand of my current crew.

Jaxx (The Slicer)

  • Species, Bothan
  • Mental State, stable – Curious with a high risk factor to other members
  • Overall Health, good
    Current state: Received heavy blaster fire from hostile droid combatants. Endured substantial blood loss, burns, and internal bruising/swelling of the left abdomen side. Medical scan showed all internal organs intact and no permanent damage done. Treated immediately on scene with emergency stim-pack.
    Prognosis: Blood transfusion enacted. Skin graphs applied for Integumentary damage. Bacta applied for inflammatory. Suspect full recovery in approximately 2-4 days with strict bed rest.

Ray Buchannon (The Pilot)

  • Species, Human
  • Mental state, stable – Prideful on the edge of arrogance
  • Overall Health, good DECEASED
    Current State: Received very heavy blaster fire to right arm, mid back and front torso resulting in loss of right hand , right lung collapse, and mid spinal damage. Bludgeoning damage to the head, front torso and right leg resulting in a head concussion, fractured R3/R4 ribs, and fractured right tibia bone. Puncture wound to the heart resulting in cardiovascular failure, and extreme blood loss.
    Prognosis: N/A
    Notes: The crew took it upon themselves to end Mr. Buchannon’s life. His wounds were beyond me…. his suffering was intolerable. I can still feel his agony wash over me as I evaluated his state at the time. I need to cut the bonds of emotion between the patient and myself… I never want to feel that again, the feeling of hopelessness one has knowing the inevitable end is near. He at least endured a quick and painless death at the hands of the Nikto.

I will continue my research and analysis of the rest of the crew after some much needed rest. I hope to find a good deal on medical supplies on “The Wheel”.

The Pru Perspective # 1

Yesterday was a bit hectic, but we managed to get off that dreadful planet in one piece. Well, some of us did anyway. Roy apparently fell on hard times and we were forced to put him down in order to stop the damn medic from wasting every last supply on keeping the corpse alive. I had planned on putting a blaster bolt through his skull, quick and painless, but the Nikto had other plans and apparently wanted a little blood on his blade.

The details on what all went down was fairly sketchy, so I guess I’ll just log this report as I saw it. I had elected to stay behind with the ship and Nikto slaves to give my injuries additional time to heal. Those damn red ones are a lot tougher than I gave them credit for, maybe we’ll try and exchange a red for a green later on. <chuckles> Nah, that green fella ain’t too bad, but I’m still trying to figure our his intentions. I mean, I’m not big on slavery (gotta do what you gotta do I guess), but I’m not sure I could simply round up my fellow Kel Dor’s (no matter our differences) and hand them to a Hutt, but maybe he has his reasons. Anyway, while I’m resting, the rest of the group took off to enter this compound that supposedly has some holed up Nikto’s that we can “talk” into the “good life” outside of this heap.

So here I am just relaxing a bit when I see that sneaky little Bothan playing around with some other ship across the way. Obviously, she made a mistake because the whole damn ship got fried and who knows what else. It kind of sparked my interest… heh, “sparked” my interest (nice to humor yourself by accident sometimes). Anyway, I started to head out but the stitch in my side (damn Nikto’s) about opened up so I figured I best just sit still. Well I didn’t see much else after that, and those Nikto don’t speak much, at least not in a language I understand anyway, so I locked up the ship and got some much needed shut-eye.

I eventually woke up from my little nap and was surprised that the group had yet to get back, and after several tries on the comlink with no reply, I decided it might be best to check things out. The top of the compound looks to be a nice perch to scout the area from and hopefully I can pry those shutters open and get a peak inside. If they’ve done gone and got themselves in a bind, I was thinking I would have to head out on my own and drop these fellas off with the Hutt myself. Hopefully it won’t come to that because the Hutt doesn’t like getting shortchanged and I’d rather not have to fly this tub by myself.

After getting suited up, I left the ship and locked her up tight, at least in appearance, and headed for the compound. As I drew closer I was able to see the carnage out front of the ship that the Bothan perhaps sabotaged or something, and the bodies of the troopers. Empire has their hands in everything it seems… These fellas got tore up just right, and from the looks of their wounds, I was thinking that maybe one of those Sith might be in here. Haven’t seen one for myself, but if the rumors are true, I should be grateful for that. Well, my plan to go up top was looking better and better, so off I went. The climb wasn’t easy, especially with the stitch, but luckily they held and I was able to make it to the top.

Once I got the first shutter opened I was able to look down inside and get a view of foyer. Apparently, there was some excitement in that spot earlier because there was a couple of folks down on the ground. After focusing a bit with the rifle I was able to identify one of the bodies.. Roy.. He got himself tore up pretty bad, but all I could think of then is that I was going to have to fly that heap out of here by my lonesome. But then a light at the end of one of the hallways caught my attention, especially when a trooper came walking over to stand over the woman and Roy. I couldn’t quite tell what he was doing, but about that time I caught the slightest bit of movement from Roy’s chest. That stubborn dolt was still alive. This put me in a spot I tell ya. Do I shoot Roy and keep the Empire from knowing about me, that bounty was still on my head out there, or do I just pop the trooper and high-tail it off-world.

My choice was made for me though. I was just about to put one into Roy when the doors near the trooper crashed open and half a dozen or more droids poured out and started blasting the place up. That’s when our Twi’lek popped out and took a pop shot at the droids, or was it at the trooper? Hell if I know, but the driods didn’t seem to care and put a bolt down the corridor and quieted her down something quick. I figured at this point I could take a few of the droids down and then deal with the trooper, so I popped the head off the first one…. Roger Roger that (never gets old I tell ya)… A quick peek at the trooper and I’m feeling glad I didn’t pop him or Roy when the chance was there because that blasted idiot was standing over Roy protecting him. He’s probably gonna be joining ole Roy in the afterlife in a few seconds, but nobody ever said those Spaarti’s were bright.

Next thing I know the rest of crew joins the fray and we slowly begin picking the droids apart. I can’t say their tactics were too sound, and apparently they are all def when it comes to comlink chatter because they seemed to do just the opposite of the plan I laid out. Seriously, I have the overhead superiority and great positioning. They could have just took cover on those pillars and drew those tinnies out and let me pick em off one by one, but I guess they were just overzealous and wanted some action. They took some pretty nasty hits from the droids, but after re-positioning up top and getting a couple more of those shutters open we were able to put the tinnies down.

Once all the excitement was over I came down to have a look at Roy, but given all the commotion around him it was looking like he wasn’t going to make it, yet the damn medic was going through supplies like crazy trying to keep him going. We all knew what had to be done, and before I could get over there to put him down the Nikto put a blade in him.. No worries either way, problem solved. Hated ole Roy didn’t make it, but this life isn’t an easy one to live. Bout the time Roy got put down, this other NIkto comes walking in and from the looks of it, this fella had himself a cortosis staff. Apparently the group failed to tell him about me or me about their deal with the fella, but it all came out in the wash and after that unfriendly looking Nikto took off we managed to get out of the compound and back to the top. Oh that reminds me of something.. That damn Twi’lek slipped off the grapple cable on the way up and dropped straight on her lekku. She rung her bell pretty good, but the fur-ball was able to get her up to top eventually.

We had to bring the trooper with us, mostly because we needed a competent pilot after Roy’s death and after his sob-story about the Empire, honestly I don’t know much about it, but he said he would fly us out of there, so off we went. I kept my eye on em the whole trip and he stayed on the straight and narrow the whole time, so hopefully the ole boy works out. Can always use a good pilot and some of those troopers can be pretty handy in a scrap. After that last fight we were all in pretty rough shape, so hopefully nothing else happens till we get to The Wheel and get patched up. The Hutt got what he wanted and surprisingly paid us the credits as promised. I thought for sure after he slipped those recorders in our suits that he would cross us, but he held true and seemed none the wiser about that little snafu with his droid.

Anyway, we’re off to The Wheel and from there to find out exactly how valuable that data chip is that the big Nikto gave us. Until then, I’m hoping to do a little browsing in the market and get patched up.

- Pru Plund out


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