Star Wars: In Harm's Way

No going back
Doctor Humble's Log

We have to get out of here. We will die if we don’t. Pru and I have come up with a plan that might work but the real question is do I sacrifice the few to save the many? I have been pondering this since Pru suggested the plan a few days ago. I can’t think straight as the idea eats away at my morals and ethics to their core. I know if we don’t follow through with this plan we will most likely die but some may argue that a crew must go down together. As the old saying goes, “all for one and one for all”, right? Others may argue that Jaxx is already dead so using her to save Pru and I is a logical and reasonable choice. I know the facts and I know we should execute our plan of making Jaxx a cerebral brain cortex for the Bleeding Sparrow but I can’t help but feel that this plan of ours is wrong.

Pru and I have been arguing back and forth about it day in and day out. He has no qualms about the idea at all and if he could perform the procedure himself he would have a long time ago but he knows he can’t without killing Jaxx, and that would ruin any chance of getting out of this hell. He needs me. I sometimes think it’s the only thing keeping me alive since Pru probably would have killed me a long time ago based on the fact that he finds me “annoying”. He has already pointed a gun at me and threated to kill me if I don’t configure Jaxx to the ship. I know them to be empty threats, at least for now. I keep coming up with excuses as to why the plan is wrong and why it wouldn’t work but I know deep down inside it would work. The plan will be executed eventually, the excuses are just delaying the inevitable.

Today will go down in history as one of the worst emotionally distraught days I have ever experienced in my life. My turmoil is clearly visible but I am out of excuses and instincts are beginning to take over. It is now the point of no return, we either start preparations now or we die if we wait any longer. Before I tell Pru of my decision I decide that having one last heart felt chat with Jaxx is an order. I sit beside her and plead with her to tell me what to do… my energy sensitivity feels nothing. After a few moments of silence I accept the fact that Jaxx is gone. I close my eyes and send a telepathic message to Jaxx through my head cones knowing she won’t get it but it puts me at peace. I calm and prepare myself to tell Pru of my decision to go through with the plan.

As I turn away from Jaxx and begin to head towards the bridge Pru is there. I suppose he was there the whole time, watching my last moments with Jaxx from the shadows. He stares into my eyes with deep concern as if trying to read my thoughts and says, “Are you ready?” I reply, “Yes, lets be done with it.” Pru pats me on the shoulder as a sign of sympathy and makes for the bridge. I then hear my com link click on as Pru interrupts my concerns of deep thought. “I’m beginning preparations for the Bleeding Sparrow’s computer matrix reboot, I need you to start the preparations in the engineering bay.” I comply and let Pru know about 30 minutes later I am done. The easy part is over, now it is time for the hard part to begin. I go to the medical lab to prepare Jaxx and what I am now labeling as the “bird cage”, Jaxx’s new home and tomb aboard the Bleeding Sparrow.

Pru and I have discussed the terms of this situation and we have agreed to never speak of this to anyone. The “bird cage” will be hidden aboard the Bleeding Sparrow and will be our dirty little secret for as long as we live. The Bleeding Sparrow can now back up it’s name as it now has some truth behind it. It will forever be the Bleeding Sparrow.

To be continued…

Buried Alive
Doctor Humble's Log

Today marks the first day of a new month, six to be exact… at least I think it’s been six months? We’ve been in this god forsaken ship wreck for far too long now, the days are beginning to blend together. I have no one to talk to but Pru but he isn’t much of a conversationalist so coming up with new ways to keep myself entertained is getting harder and harder. Pru agreed to teach me a few things or two about field combat and weapon training so he isn’t all that bad. It’s honestly the only thing keeping me sane aboard the Bleeding Sparrow and I have come to look forward to our little training sessions. I’m surprised at how much I am learning from him, to be perfectly honest, I never imagined myself learning how to effectively shoot a firearm. Now I can’t wait to learn more and find the mechanics behind them fascinating.
Pru doesn’t have to talk to me as long as he continues to be useful, besides, I have Jaxx now. She has been my go to lately when I need someone to talk to. She is still “alive” but I was forced to induce her into a comatose state after she lost both her legs in our last encounter 6 months ago. She doesn’t speak back to me, hell, I don’t know if she can even hear me, but I have to believe she does or else I will lose to the insanity of it all. She keeps me going. I check her vitals everyday and her health finally stabilized about a month ago. We had a few scares thinking she wasn’t going to make it at times but she somehow found the strength to pull through every time. If she can fight this long in the condition she is in then I owe it to her to stay alive myself and make sure we all get out of this situation in one piece.
The food rations are low, the fuel is all but depleted, and drinking water is dangerously low as well. Pru and I have considerably lost weight and it is blatantly obvious that we are in the beginning stages of malnourishment. I have come up with a plan though that just might work. We have the materials and tools to make sun panels. I just need to figure out how to connect them to the generator. It’s times like this I wish Jaxx was conscious and well, she would know how to easily repair the Bleeding Sparrow. Pru and I have tried our best at fixing the necessary things on the ship to just keep us alive but our experience in space ship mechanics/technology is minimal. The whole situation has been miserable to say the least.
What are we going to do? I keep asking myself and have no answer. Why do I keep going on? What’s the point of it all? It would be so much easier to just… I constantly catch myself speaking nonsense. I am losing it. I have to keep myself occupied or this POS ship will be my grave…. I wonder how Jaxx is doing? I have to tell her about this roach I killed earlier in the …… blah, blah, blah…….
To be continued.

Burying the Lead

Everything about Cholganna was unforgiving. The heat, the flora, especially the fauna, and lastly the guilt. A lot of people had died needlessly under that harsh canopy all for one man’s paranoia and a woman’s sense of self-preservation. On the books though it was a successful job, all ledger’s in the black.

Reom would be sorely disappointed if he thought any of Kratala’s tech was coming his way. The cybernetics genius was handed over to the rebellion frigate Adegan Sunrise. As a show of gratitude she performed the surgical procedure Jaxx needed to remove the shrapnel from her skull. While inside her head Kratala went ahead and installed an external cerebral implant to assist the slicer – and as a way of showing her thanks for her escape from Cholganna after so many years.

While Jaxx recuperated the rest of the crew made ship repairs or spent their newly acquired credits on new gear. Spirits were high and after a short check-in with Reom they would be free to do as they please for a time. Reom had requested they meet him on Raxis Prime – an imperial controlled outer rim junk planet – in order to wrap up their business.

The crew had a hard time evading Imperial patrols upon entering Raxis’ grav well. A close flight through tight canyons of scrap and salvage damaged the Sparrow but made it possible to lose their pursuers. Then it was a simple flight to Scrapheap Point for the pay out.

Scrapheap Points boss was a Rodian technician by the name of Norta. He had crude cybernetic eyes but wasn’t blind enough be fooled by the crew’s lies about what went down on Cholganna. He knew they were hiding something about the cybernetics that Isotech was after – mainly due to Jaxx’s custom implant job – but seemed happy enough to accept the promise of a treasure ship in need of excavation. He played tour guide for a while and had some mechanics take a look at the Sparrow to fix the damage in which the scrape with the TIE fighters had resulted.

While perusing a jawa junk-skiff he and the rest of the facility was ambushed by agents of the Yiyar clan. The Rodian salvage clan was out for revenge and had hired Trandoshan mercs in addition to their normal muscle. The firefight was fierce with many casualties. Norta was lost presumed dead and a terrible skiff crash had left Jaxx permanently disabled. A hasty retreat into the Isotech base, a Corellian transport called the Blockade Bandit, led the crew to Reom who had been on station the entire time. The CEO of Isotech was still badly injured from the wounds he suffered on the Wheel but medical droids had been seeing to his recovery.

Reom laid out the facts; the Imperial Navy was now aware of Scrapheap Point following the firefight with the Yiyar Clan, evacuation was the only option in the hopes of getting everyone out alive, and the Blockade Bandit was flight-worthy but in bad shape. Everyone but Jaxx (who was sedated for her own good) were tasked with preparations for departure. The Imperials were en route and a lot needed to be done quickly.

Pru and Humble had little faith in the plan and worked to make their way to the still crippled Sparrow. Pru fired up the engines while Humble made sure to move Jaxx safely aboard without furthering her injuries. Mala was piloting the Bandit while Rowrroar made himself useful by lending his strength where needed to assist in the escape.

Just as the imperials came into firing range the Bandit broke free of the debris and began the slow ascent out of Raxis’ grav well. It was too slow though and a series of concussion missiles split the ship along the bow. The Sparrow was able to free itself from the Bandit’s hangers but was trapped by the raining debris that cascaded off the Bandit. The small scout-ship went silent as it was buried beneath tons of scrap. Meanwhile panic seized the Bandit and all hands made to abandon ship. The Imperial gunships continued to pummel the vessel with explosive munitions from ground level it looked as if the massive ship simply rattled apart.

There was at least one survivor on the ground though. Norta, badly burned and bleeding out, watched his life be destroyed around him. He wasn’t sure if anyone could have survived but he was going to do his best to salvage what he could of this terrible situation.

Well shit...

Is it worth my time to ramble on about the shit we’ve been through this month? Frack if I know what to expect next. Something about cats and nine lives…I’m well past nine lives, and none the better off for it. I’m sure there is a ticker somewhere it just racking up my debt, each extra day costing me my soul.

Now don’t get me started about my soul. I don’t believe I’m headed anywhere special after this life anyhow, or any which way I play it. So no, I don’t feel bad about how things went down at Cholganna. Plain and simple of it was there was no good way out of there alive. So don’t give me any grief over it and don’t bother going on the high road. The odds were stacked, we played it out and frackin’ counted our lucky stars each passing moment

Oh you want a rundown? Well short of it is, we were thrown on a prison moon,…grumpy old men, wookie riffraff, prison riot, prison breaks, star destroyers, frackin’ Major D again, new TIE prototypes, stolen tech, oh just a few space skirmishes, experimental flight tests, Reoom you bastard, public fire fights, let’s add a few warrants and bounties why not, blinding asteroid cloud, malaria infested jungle and its filthy bugs and creepy crawlies, nasty nexxu, hungry arboreal octupi, long lost Imperial trash, backstabbing droids, survivor camp full of paranoid rabble, tracked by the Empire..again, oh did I mention the cyborgnetically enhanced nexxu?. Yeah that all happened.

How many stormtroopers lay behind us? Frack if I care. I ain’t their mother.
How many speeders, transports, ships did we steal or trespass on? Just enough to stay alive I’d say.

This last leg, we miraculously escaped Cholganna with just enough to make ends meet and fulfill certain obligations. Yeah we turned on Captain Harshal, but only a second before he could pull one over on us. We heard those stormtroopers tracking their way, they were bound to find the camp. Those Sa ‘Nalaor freaks were going to string us up. So we had to move quickly on a plan that allowed for escape and us getting out with something of value. Else to what end would it have all been for? if we were getting out alive, we still needed currency otherwise we just be floating in space. That ain’t living.

As I was saying, the escape meant orchestrating a fire fight between the Imperials and the Sa ‘Nalaor survivors, creating enough distraction in the camp and around the camp, to allow for us to sneak out. With Kortalla and Reyna. AND whatever was of value that Harshal had stashed in his safe. Oh yeah, and damned if I was going to leave IT-3 and have to owe one to Reoom…again. He wouldn’t believe a story from me about the droid’s misplaced allegiance. Yeah, we thought about those nexxu too.

So there you have it, one frackin’ convoluted plan. But with where we were sitting, that plan just sounded golden. Admittedly, what choice did we have? I would have taken my chances and slipped out in the dead of the night if some plan wasn’t hatched that day. Maybe it was the jungle rot, but I wasn’t hanging around to see if there was any other season on Cholganna but stank hot.

How’d we fair? Well let’s start with the Imperial scout bikes and probe droids encroaching the camp. Panic ensues. Pru takes his shot at Harshal. No going back now, this was happening. I pop a shot at Harshal as well. Next thing, I’m blast thrown and my ears are ringing, it is all a fog. I know and see enough to pick up IT-3’s head, tuck in under my arm, I see that Humble is by my side pulling me towards the camp perimeter. I glance back and see enough to know that Harshal ain’t going anywhere, no piece of him. Pru must have made his mark, because last I hear is Pru calling it in and making his exit. Son of a bitch probably saved my life, Harshal and I were practically in close combat. I could only hope to take him out with me. That grenade blast saved me from making that suicidal bum rush. Still, my head hurt and all I could think to do was curse out Pru for leaving. But Humble was there, damn that softie, got me cleared through the camp. And Kortalla and Reyna too. We hear comlink cackle from Mala. Mala and Rawroar were successful, they got the drop on those battle droids, loaded themselves down with valuables. All heading a few klicks out to the meet up with Varrum and the Bleeding Sparrow. Few moments later, Kortalla and Humble are jumped by nexxu. I was barely there, my head still ringing from the blast, but somehow we took out the nexxu. Only a moment later, hearing a blast in the distance. Mala and Rawroar found a little side action after running into that imperial transport. Sounded like they got their hands on a rocket launcher. However it went down, they handled it. We get to the Bleeding Sparrow. Varrum lets us know that there is a sighting of another ship entering orbit, we don’t know more than that. With some finagling I get us enough power to get the Bleeding Sparrow off Cholganna. It takes us days to recover and agree to what is next. Finally with clearer heads, we agree to take Kortalla and Reyna to Major D. We decide that 10K of the 50K of valued ore and the data wiped IT-3’s head will go to Reoom. Enough to appease Reoom at least. We did end up with something of else value that Mala smuggled out from Harshal’s tent. This could prove to be an important card we play later. For now, my lips are sealed. I know nothing.

Let’s just get this heap somewhere to refuel, restock and maybe put a deposit down on our funeral costs.

Rexus Prime is where we will meet with Reoom and deal with that particularly sticky situation. Lucky us.

Humble's Revelation
Adventure into the wilds

We began our day by delving into the nearby wrecked ship site but not before I checked everyone’s status with my scanner of course. One can never be to careful, especially when so far away from civilization and advanced medical technology. Last thing we need is someone to come down with a fever or sickness which is a definite possibility in this inhospitable environment. We slowly descended into the decrepit ship and exercised extreme caution due to the deteriorating conditions of the long abandoned Sa Nalaor, or so we thought it was long abandoned. We quickly realized that we were not alone and once again we were fighting for our lives. I thought we had the advantage since we were on higher ground and thought it wise to analyze the situation before acting. I crouched near the edge of the platform to get a better view of the situation. I noticed immediately that these Nexu had some cybernetic modifications done to them but why? As I studied one of the Nexu from my perch, the one with a vicious looking metal tail, I unknowingly caught the attention of another one but this one with long metal claws that seemed to have electricity arcing off of them! It caught me off guard and before I knew it the ferocious feline jumped to a height I thought physically impossible and struck me before I could react. My mind whirled and my body ached and tensed as high voltage electricity jolted through me from head to toe. My painful spasms felt like they would never end but in reality they only lasted several seconds. I quickly recovered to only retreat behind Roarroar since we were now on the defensive. I had to maintain my cool for the sake of the crew and for the most part maintained my composure under pressure. My medical instincts took over and my sense of urgency kicked in as I realized Roarroar was on his last leg trying to defend against two of the killing felines. I ran over to him and administered some quick first aid but the relief was quick lived when one of the Nexu struck him down. It was then I realized I was the Nexu’s next target and would probably end up lunch meat for these horrific cats. I remember feeling the same sensation I felt the first time I was attacked and then darkness. I awoke to Jaxx treating me and a splitting headache. I thanked her for helping me and then proceeded to take over and do my job. Once stabilized, we all made our way further into the ship and ended up in the control room. We found a hologram only by chance and to our surprise it still functioned. It was a recording of the Sa Nalaor main crew and their last moments onboard prior to crashing. The droid recognized at least two of the people on the recorded hologram and revealed to us that they were the captain and tech expert we were looking for. Now we had a lead and proceeded to make our departure off the Sa Nalaor. Not soon after we exited though we were tracked down by what looked to me like a band of indigenous humanoids native to this area. They rode on the backs of very large creatures I had never seen before and they moved through the forest and water alike with ease even though they were the size of a transport vessel. We were taken away to their village and it was there we received some much needed help and answers. The village chief was none other than Harsol himself, Captain of the long wrecked ship Sa Nalaor. He looked worse for wear as did most of the people in the village did but I was relieved to be out of the jungle, at least for the moment. We later found out the droid, IT-3 was Harsol’s from way back when and had remained loyal to him all this time. It was the droid that notified Harsol of our whereabouts and lead them to us for capture. I truly do dislike droids, can’t tell the emotional state of one since they have none, emotions that is. Many say they don’t like my species because we are impossible to read but we at least have emotions, we just don’t show it. I reminded myself at that point to always remain vigilant when dealing with droids. My stress soon escalated though as the group of thirty or so people began to scream for answers from us and their “leader”. It seemed to me Harsol was barely keeping this tribe together with a single thread and that thread was on the verge of snapping. Both Pru and Jaxx were adamant about not spilling any information to any outsiders and that seemed to only make the situation worse for us. The people were literally about to start a riot and began to cause an uproar with shouts and threats aimed at us and the captain. I did what I felt was right and with the help of Mala we were able to diffuse the situation by telling everyone a bit about us and why we were there. The crowd settled down a bit after that and I felt a wash of relief as I realized we just dodged a bullet. Harsol assured us we would talk more later and introduced us to Cratala, the so called brilliant technician that had valuable intel. She too had survived the crash and told us she was the one who had modified the Nexu we fought earlier. My ears perked up at that since cybernetic technology intrigued me yet I hadn’t had much experience tinkering with them. Those electrified claws were vicious yet sparked my curiosity and I made it a point to have a future chat with Cratala. Maybe we could learn a thing or two from one another that could benefit us both. I retired to my quarters and laid on my sorry excuse for a bed to tired to care that it was merely some hay strewn out on the dirt floor. I thanked the stars for still being alive and fell into dreams of happier times.

11/08/2015 Session Notes

Team Mission: Take the Whisper Base
Lasurius’s Mission: Convert the signet intelligence of this base to a rebel listening post.

Galmar – Human Spy
Adali – Human Ace Gunner
Toby – Droid Engineer/Saboteur Slicer
Lasurius – T Scientist
Andromeda – Human Commander
Zeeph – Ithorian Diplomat Ambassador (to be introduced next session)

Session Notes:

  • 2 human sentries engaged, we took them down. 1 battle droid disabled and contained him.
  • Map that indicates that the hangar bay we entered from is at the northside of the base.
  • Exploration of hallways, we find computer in Officer’s Quarters. Toby slices computer to ascertain layout of base.
  • We find location of: Shuttle bay, Communications Office, Communications Room.
  • In slicing process, Toby trips an alarm.
  • Lockdown ensues.
  • 9 stormtroopers come out of the far left corridor.
  • Encounter begins.
  • During the fight, we also uncover a light armory room.
  • We take heavy fire, but dispatch the storm troopers with light blaster fire and a grenade. Victorious!
  • Once in Communications Room, Lasurius starts to uncover probe and take over listening post.
  • Next we need to take control of launching pad, to prevent Lt. Sarev and other officers’ escape.
  • Having commandeered storms trooper uniforms, we make our way to the launching pad.
  • Through coercion, Andromeda convinces the guards that we are conducting a security sweep of the launching pad.
  • We are granted easy access and board Lt. Sarev’s ship named the Nilos.
  • Which allows Toby to successful disable the Nilos.
  • We jammed the doors behind us as we leave the launch pad.
  • Ending in the Officer’s Quarters, while Lasaurius is still working in the Communications Room on the signet conversion.
  • End of session.
Beyond the Rim: Part 3

The crew began their day with an exploration of the Command section of Sa Nalaor. The ship had sustained tremendous damage to the inner hull which made traversal a slow and dangerous affair. Pru investigated a cave that the ship opened into only to be attacked by a trio of fearsome Cyber Nexu. These predatory cat-like creatures had been modified to be more deadly and were fixed with a sensor beacon which kept them confined within the wrecked ship.


On the bridge of the wrecked vessel a holocommunicator was found that showed the final moments of the Sa Nalaor’s crash landing. From their high perch the crew could see a trio of beasts approaching their ship far below. Each of the massive reptiles towed two small canoes and had a riders upon their backs. The crew returned to their ship to investigate this mystery and met long-stranded Captain Harsol.


The Captain was suspicious of the new arrivals but relaxed when greeted by IT-3. In the past the droid apparently had belonged to Harsol and was broadcasting a tracking beacon upon finding the crash site. Harsol and his team responded to the beacon and offered the crew a safe place to rest and a chance to learn more of what had happened since the Sa Nalaor crashed.

The survivor camp seemed to consist of about 30 to 40 people. The site itself was well defended with a 3 meter wall built out of scavenged materials from the Sa Nalaor. Oddly, the guards upon the wall carried long barreled hunting blasters which would not have been standard equipment on a Separatist Ship. The crews first meeting with the survivors did not go well. Jaxx and Pru would not speak publicly about what they knew and Roarrowr and Mala chose to watch quietly more-or-less. An awkward situation quickly became an aggressive one as the survivors called for these new visitors to either; be killed as the others had, or find a way to get the survivors off planet and back to civilization. A shot of blaster fire into air cowed the rabble as Harsol again took command. Mala then chose to speak up and explain what she knew of the happenings outside the Chol system.

The brilliant technician Cratala wanted to have a private meeting with the crew the following morning. From what little they learned from her she was scared of returning to the Republic (now the Empire) as she would be branded a traitor and probably put to death. It was plain to see that she felt the situation on Cholganna was deteriorating and something had to change soon or the survivors might turn on each other.


The subject of treasure was brought up and casually dismissed by Harsol. Any treasure in the hold of the Sa Nalaor was below the water line and not easily gathered. The survivors had never even bothered as they couldn’t use the credits on planet anyways. From what long range scouts had been able to determine though, the Imperial forces had begun an excavation process of the crash site.

Wrong Place, Wrong Time
Reason for Adventure: Pru Background

The blaster shot was deafening as it echoed throughout the silent square. Pru was positioned perfectly, his target lined up for the shot. A small breath and then easy exhale to steady the rifle; the slow deliberate squeeze of the trigger, then chaos! Pru’s target immediately dropped to the ground behind the fountain in the middle of the square as did several civilians; the rest either stood frozen in shock or ran hunched over with arms covering their heads as if it would protect them. The target was a wealthy, yet greedy CEO of an up and coming engineering corporation. Apparently he had made a few too many enemies on his way to the top, as is often the case with those who find themselves in elevated positions. He was a family man, a wife and small child, though he spent most of his time at the office or off planet on business. However, on the second day of each week since Pru accepted the job over a month ago, the man would come to this square and sit on the western facing bench near the fountain.

Everything had been easy, too easy but Pru was not going to complain. Often enough, those who make it to the top believe themselves to be untouchable, at least until that split second before a slug, blaster bolt or shiv deliberately separates them from this world. Today was his moment to face whatever destiny awaited him on the other side. This was before the shot, before the chaos. Pru was so focused on his target that he did not see where the other shot came from and the echoes did little to help discern its origin. While the shot was certainly a surprise, it was nowhere near as surprising as the identity of the mark. How did Pru not notice her during his surveillance of the square? Tunnel vision in his profession was not something to make a habit of and while it did not cost him his life it did cause him to overlook the presence of an Imperial Government official, a well-respected and high ranking one at that.

It wasn’t long after the incident; actually it was less than two days, that authorities had a rather crude drawing of Pru on the HoloNet in connection with the apparent assassination. They claimed that evidence had been recovered and that several civilians had come forward to provide eye-witness accounts of the events and the shooter. Rather odd considering that Pru never fired a shot, and was more than certain that he had left no evidence behind. As is the case with certain high profile assassinations, a frame job was in the works, but why use Pru and why eliminate this official? Sadly, there was no time to hang around and find out, at least not until things cooled off. Luckily, Pru’s bounty had paid half up front which provided a nice cushion of creds that would make due for a while. Getting off planet would be a hassle but it was nothing new and once off planet he could make a jump to The Wheel and hunker down for a while without worrying about Imperial Intelligence tracking him down. Pru didn’t think that would happen anyway, since he was obviously just a pawn in a much larger game, but it was always best to be more safe than sorry.

The Pru Perspective # 5

Another day of fun and excitement, followed by being surrounded by individuals who do not trust us and would have no problem putting a blaster bolt through our skulls or a blade across our throats. Considering how often this seems to be happening, I’d say we feel right at home. Well, maybe not Humble but as long as he keeps his mind otherwise occupied I think he’ll be just fine. So where am I and how’d I get here. Where I am is some settlement on the planet Cholganna where the survivors of the Sal Anor crash have taken shelter and lived the last 20 or so years. The place is semi-fortified, which I find a bit concerning considering the dangerous inhabitants of this world and the fact that Imperials are camped not too far away, plus the unknown possibility that the Yiyar Clan could still be on our tails. Also, there seems to be a bit of problem within the camp as well judging by our recent “town meeting”. Captain Harsol seems to be leading this rabble, but these people on are on the verge of a revolt. Cratala, a cybernetics designer according to our turn-coat driod, appears to be second in-charge but honestly appears to simply stay near the captains side and keep her mouth shut moreso than lead in any capacity.

Hopefully, we’ll get a more accurate feel for the place over the night and next day. I’m hoping we hole up for at least another day to let the medical staff on hand aid us with Mala’s injuries and we can formulate a plan on getting some intel on the San Alor to Jaxx’s contact and maybe even scavenge something from the wreckage. I’d hate to make this discovery and have nothing to show for it besides our word that its hear, but if things get dicey that may be our best solution. I mean, “what good are credits, if you aren’t around to spend them”. Plus I am hoping that Cratala will take me up on my offer to experiment with my antiox mask. She did some pretty bizzare things with those Nexu, so hopefully she can provide some enhancements for me, but that all depends on how things play out. Speaking of those Nexu, that is some of the craziest stuff I have ever seen and I have seen quite a bit. A single Nexu is usually enough to take out a group, little alone three cybernetically enhanced Nexu. We were lucky to get out of there in one piece, especially with me dangling on the line like live bait. Definitely not a situation I hope to repeat in the future. But hey, all is well that ends well I guess. It is a shame we didn’t find much onboard that would have allowed us to simply leave, but hopefully it won’t be too long. Only time will tell. In the meantime, its time for me to try and catch Cratala and discuss the world of cybernetics with her.

Humble's thoughts continued
No Time to Catch my Breath 2

Oh my, Where do I begin? I normally take a 30 minute break at least once a day to reflect on my thoughts and write in my journal… ohh, how I long for the peace and solitude of my lounging chaise back in my old colony. Alas, this is the path I have chosen and cannot regret my decisions of the past. It will affect my focus and I cannot have that if I hope to be of any use as a doctor to my crew. It seems to me that lately my crew have been a bit reckless and tend to act before thinking it through. It usually proves to be a painful mistake for them but at least my skills have proven to be vital if not essential. Don’t get me wrong, I am happy to help any who require my assistance, especially those close to me, but all I’m saying is if we can avoid danger, why not? As a trained and educated professional I prefer to take my time and critical think and analyze a situation before executing a plan. For example, our newest recruit, the Wookie Roarroar in my opinion is the epitome of all brawn but no brains. He almost not only killed himself but the Twilek Malla as well by jumping into unknown treacherous waters. His intentions were in the right place but his logic, not so much. Luckily he managed to cling onto some hanging debris before falling to his and Mallas death. It is not always a situation of sink or swim, at times it can be work smarter not harder. That is exactly what I did and used the broken ladder to our advantage by fashioning it into a bridge for a considerably safer passing. I’m just glad Roarroar and Malla lived to tell the tale another day. Speaking of Malla, poor girl suffered a critical injury to her right leg by being dropped from a tree by a dreadful and large land based octopus. The creature was horrid and got away, probably plotting it’s next move to capture and devour us as it’s next meal. Anyways, Malla sustained an open fracture on the right outer Tibia, approximately 6 in. above the tarsals. I administered pain meds immediately before resetting the bone back into place. I was able to stop the bleeding without too much trouble and disinfected the wound thoroughly, more so than normal due to our environment. A little synth skin to repair the skin damage and then a simple dressing and bandage to protect the healing process. I splinted the leg with spray splint from my medical bag above the patella joint and below the tarsals joint for extra immobilization of the leg in order to prevent further injury. I’ll see about someone fashioning a crutch for Malla so she can temporarily support her weight on it until her leg completely heals. Pru was able to find a clear plot of jungle to land our ship but the task proved to be very difficult and the Bleeding Sparrow sustained some damage to the hull before landing. The landing was at least conveniently close to our next objective of searching the lost treasure ship. We were very fortunate to find it since it was mysteriously camouflaged with a make shift tarp and foliage but by who? I presume a long lost survivor of this wreckage has somehow managed to beat the odds and survive in this inhospitable environment. It’s in my hopes that my crew can see my point of view if we find this survivor and instead use diplomacy instead of muscle or intimidation tactics to come to an overall solution. This survivor may hold clues and secrets to accomplishing our main objective that much easier. He or she may be in dire need of medical attention! My skills may once again prove to be very useful in exchange for information. I of course will treat anyone in need regardless of circumstances but why not use it as a bargaining chip as well? I just hope this survivor is reasonable for their sake when it comes to my crew. I’d hate to think what would happen if they were hostile against my crew and I. We just finished camouflaging the Bleeding Sparrow with some of the camouflage we found on the wreckage near by out of fear of the enemy patrol closing in and finding us and worse, catching us off guard. We are obviously taking shifts to watch guard as a precaution in case things go south. Before calling it a night I check everyone’s vitals with my medical scanner and annotate their status in my records. Jaxx seems to be recovering well from her grave injury to her arm. Her right arm had been crushed to near amputation on one of our last missions and I was able to successfully operate with the help of a medical surgery chair. I have made it a point to check on her arm periodically to ensure it is healing well without any issues. I also catalog my medical supplies and note my disinfectant is a bit low due to the fact that I used it to kill a swarm of insects that were attacking us. My prowess with medicine surprises me still and I find new uses for my tools and skills all the time. Yawn! I need to get some rest now if I want to be functional for tomorrows adventure. When is …. my shif…. to watch gau….. snore, snore. SW_escape_pod_in_jungle.jpg


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