Star Wars: In Harm's Way

Burying the Lead

Everything about Cholganna was unforgiving. The heat, the flora, especially the fauna, and lastly the guilt. A lot of people had died needlessly under that harsh canopy all for one man’s paranoia and a woman’s sense of self-preservation. On the books though it was a successful job, all ledger’s in the black.

Reom would be sorely disappointed if he thought any of Kratala’s tech was coming his way. The cybernetics genius was handed over to the rebellion frigate Adegan Sunrise. As a show of gratitude she performed the surgical procedure Jaxx needed to remove the shrapnel from her skull. While inside her head Kratala went ahead and installed an external cerebral implant to assist the slicer – and as a way of showing her thanks for her escape from Cholganna after so many years.

While Jaxx recuperated the rest of the crew made ship repairs or spent their newly acquired credits on new gear. Spirits were high and after a short check-in with Reom they would be free to do as they please for a time. Reom had requested they meet him on Raxis Prime – an imperial controlled outer rim junk planet – in order to wrap up their business.

The crew had a hard time evading Imperial patrols upon entering Raxis’ grav well. A close flight through tight canyons of scrap and salvage damaged the Sparrow but made it possible to lose their pursuers. Then it was a simple flight to Scrapheap Point for the pay out.

Scrapheap Points boss was a Rodian technician by the name of Norta. He had crude cybernetic eyes but wasn’t blind enough be fooled by the crew’s lies about what went down on Cholganna. He knew they were hiding something about the cybernetics that Isotech was after – mainly due to Jaxx’s custom implant job – but seemed happy enough to accept the promise of a treasure ship in need of excavation. He played tour guide for a while and had some mechanics take a look at the Sparrow to fix the damage in which the scrape with the TIE fighters had resulted.

While perusing a jawa junk-skiff he and the rest of the facility was ambushed by agents of the Yiyar clan. The Rodian salvage clan was out for revenge and had hired Trandoshan mercs in addition to their normal muscle. The firefight was fierce with many casualties. Norta was lost presumed dead and a terrible skiff crash had left Jaxx permanently disabled. A hasty retreat into the Isotech base, a Corellian transport called the Blockade Bandit, led the crew to Reom who had been on station the entire time. The CEO of Isotech was still badly injured from the wounds he suffered on the Wheel but medical droids had been seeing to his recovery.

Reom laid out the facts; the Imperial Navy was now aware of Scrapheap Point following the firefight with the Yiyar Clan, evacuation was the only option in the hopes of getting everyone out alive, and the Blockade Bandit was flight-worthy but in bad shape. Everyone but Jaxx (who was sedated for her own good) were tasked with preparations for departure. The Imperials were en route and a lot needed to be done quickly.

Pru and Humble had little faith in the plan and worked to make their way to the still crippled Sparrow. Pru fired up the engines while Humble made sure to move Jaxx safely aboard without furthering her injuries. Mala was piloting the Bandit while Rowrroar made himself useful by lending his strength where needed to assist in the escape.

Just as the imperials came into firing range the Bandit broke free of the debris and began the slow ascent out of Raxis’ grav well. It was too slow though and a series of concussion missiles split the ship along the bow. The Sparrow was able to free itself from the Bandit’s hangers but was trapped by the raining debris that cascaded off the Bandit. The small scout-ship went silent as it was buried beneath tons of scrap. Meanwhile panic seized the Bandit and all hands made to abandon ship. The Imperial gunships continued to pummel the vessel with explosive munitions from ground level it looked as if the massive ship simply rattled apart.

There was at least one survivor on the ground though. Norta, badly burned and bleeding out, watched his life be destroyed around him. He wasn’t sure if anyone could have survived but he was going to do his best to salvage what he could of this terrible situation.


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